Final Reflections

I was very happy with the comments and suggestions and thoughts I received in response to my last posted work. Very encouraging, and also gave me some new things to think about. I am planning on continuing the faces to make a series, and showing them in the form of photographs. It feels great to see the outline of a path towards the future, at least in terms of ideas for making art. Thanks to everyone for all your input, and for sharing your own processes and art. Thanks for a great class David!


Final Project

Here are my final 2 images for critique. This week I learned to slow down a bit when making the faces, I have made a few that just didn’t have the same resonance for me as these two do, and I realized the difference could be related to how I approach them. When I have the idea in mind to make many, I’m maybe not present enough in making the one at hand. When I slow down and work more thoughtfully, I seem to be happier with the results. I feel like I already know this, generally, but it’s nice to have the work remind you of it.ImageImage


Here are a bunch of the doodles/drawings I was referring to earlier in the semester, some from almost 20 years ago, and some from the last few months. Again, I have no immediate plans to use these for anything further, as my ideas have morphed since the beginning of this class, but it feels great to finally document some of them!

Recent Progress (see photos below)

A few weeks back I mentioned wanting to make multiple faces, similar to the teal and red one. This is a sketch of how I was going to put the faces together. Image

After spending what felt like forever making the felt face below, ripping the mouth off a few times, shaping it all back, adding bit and pieces, I decided to just call it done but was not super pleased with the results. I have realised that I love taking pictures of the faces, and am planning on pursuing this. By showing photographs I am not only solving the issue I’ve been having with presentation, (especially with how thin and delicate these faces are) but also looking at them as images in a different way. I’d like to play around with making big pictures of tiny felted images, or vice versa. Lots of options in between. At this point I feel a bit like a crazy wool lady, but I’ll tell ya, I even like taking pictures of the wool without images, as shown in the red and white, and red and blue, photos below. The red and blue ones remind me of a womb.